Pinewood Miniature Railway Society
7 1/4 inch gauge Whitworth Class 'Samson'
Owner, Peter Woodruff
‘Samson’ was inherited from Peter's late father Dick Woodruff (a previous Chairman of the Pinewood Miniature Railway Society), who started building this 7 1/4” gauge LNWR 2-4-0 Whitworth class loco in about 1994 and finished it during 1996.  The model features a copper boiler from Cheddar Models Ltd. with a superheater, steam brake on the loco and vacuum brake on the tender.  A lot of work went into research of this engine, to get the details on the model looking right.  The tender even has a wooden frame like the original and the engine also has wooden buffer beams.
The loco had been stored and not used for many years, but only a few small jobs were required to get Samson back in steam.  These included finishing the conversion from hydrostatic lubrication to mechanical using an eccentric bolted to the back axle and replacing the blow down valve with 1/4” stainless steel ‘ball’ type valve.