Pinewood Miniature Railway Society
5 inch Gauge Tram locomotive and carriage
Owner, John Bradshaw
This 5 inch gauge battery powered loco was built from a Ride on Railways "Trojan" tram kit which models a Wisbech & Upwell Tramway J70 steam tram.  Four 150 Watt electric motors are used to drive the two axles of the locomotive from a pair of 12 volt car batteries via a PGDT speed controller supplied with the kit.  With the four motors and heavy batteries the tram has sufficient power and traction to pull an additional loaded passenger coach around the Pinewood track.  John has also fitted an unusual smoke generator to the tram which operates by cooling water to create a "mist" rather than the more often seen heated oil smoke generators.  The tram and its carriage (also from Ride on Railways) are seen here suitably decorated for Christmas.

Ride on Railways Tram Locomotive