Pinewood (Wokingham) Miniature Railway
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In addition to the locos found hauling our main passenger trains, our members own and operate a wide range of locos, some of which can be found below.

Click on a thumbnail image for more information on any loco, or for information about our track click here.

Steam locomotives
GWR 14xx 0-4-2

GER 2-4-0 'Petrolea'

SR Schools Class 4-4-0

SR Urie 4-6-0

'Phantom' 2-6-0

BR Class  4  2-6-4 GWR King Class 'King Edward I'  'Bridget' 0-4-2

Electric locomotives
Metropolitan Electric Bo-Bo

Bo-Bo Shunter

Sentinel Shunter

Ruston Industrial Locomotive

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