Pinewood Miniature Railway Society
5 inch Gauge Bo-Bo Shunter
Owner, James Jarvis
This 5 inch gauge battery powered loco was built by Colin Gross from a Ride on Railways "Hercules" kit during the winter of 2007 / 2008 and sold to fellow society member James Jarvis in July 2013.  All four axles are powered by electric motors from two 12 volt car batteries via a 4QD speed controller, although a customised hand controller was made to provide for control of the loco's lighting system.  Fitted with slightly oversize batteries the loco has covered more than 25 miles in a day on a single charge, and has on occasions been used successfully for passenger hauling on the Pinewood track despite operating on the smaller of our two track gauges.  The engine also incoporates an engine sound module to provide the characteristic diesel sounds during engine start and operation which can be heard in a short You Tube video available by clicking here.