Pinewood Miniature Railway Society
5 inch Gauge Metropolitan
Owner, David Simmonite
This 5 inch gauge locomotive is driven by four 80 Watt electric motors controlled by a 4QD controller and runs on 24V d.c. supplied by a pair of 12 volt gel batteries.  It is one of a pair made by Dan Jeavons of Steam and Diesel Castings in 1996 and was supplied as seen in the photo.  The model is regularly used on member days drawing two scratch built wagons, one a mineral wagon and the other an outside frame Siphon F.  The driver normally rides on a driving truck attached to the rear of the train.  The loco is also quite capable of pulling 4 or 5 adults on public running days over extended periods.  The other locomotive of the pair is owned by fellow society member Ray Grace.